Getting the panel to work with a Colorlight 5A-75B

The way I did is use a Colorlight Hub 5A-75B board with their original firmware and software. The software I used is Colorlight LED Vision 6.9. Just becareful that when you open, it will send packets like crazy and will probably DoS your network.

  1. Plug the 5A-75B in your computer ethernet card and plug the 5V power supply to the 5A-75B
  2. Open LEDVISION 6.9 software
  3. Go to Control -> LED Screen Settings (the password is 168)
    • LED Screen Settings
  4. Select Use Net Card and click Auto Select. It should scan and find your 5A-75B on the right side
    • LED Screen Settings
  5. Click on Receiver Card Parameters
    • Receiver Card Parameters
  6. Select Screen Param -> From Computer (Immediate Effect)
    • Receiver Card Parameters
  7. You can try selecting a preset (which didn’t work for me) clicking in the button Load
    • Load
  8. Or just click the Inteligent Setting button to manually configure the controller.
    • Intelligent Setting
  9. Then you can click in Select Driver IC to change the IC
    • Select Driver IC
  10. Which should show you a lot of information.
    • Drivers

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