GOES Satellite Hunt

This book is adaptation of my blog post GOES Satellite Hunt that was published in the end of 2016 while I was reverse engineering the satellite signal. I’m doing this book to have a more organized document about GOES-13 Signals and also to keep up to date with my GOES-16 Reverse Engineering that followed the GOES-13 Reverse Engineering. This book will also be hosted at GitHub in Create Commons Share Alike license and any fixes are welcome from anyone. In the future I plan to add information about other satellites that use similar down link protocols like MSG-3 (Meteosat 10).

I also need to thank all people in #hearsat @ starchat (IRC) for the help I got understanding SDR and Satellite Signal stuff, since when I started that I had no knowledge at all about it. Special thanks for trango (@usa-satcom) and mybit (@devnulling) for all the help with previous experiences in the area. Also I need to thank all my family for supporting it putting several dishes and antennas all over the roof of our house.

The study in this book lead to the creation of Open Satellite Project.

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