Segment Identification Header

This header is used in Images to identify a segmented image data. It will only be present in images that are segmented in several LRIT files (which is most of LRIT Rice compressed images).

Name Type Description
Image ID uint16_t Image ID
Sequence uint16_t The segment number
Start Column uint16_t X Position of first column of this segment
Start Line uint16_t Y Position of first line of this segment
Max Segments uint16_t Total Number of Segments of the image
Max Columns uint16_t Total number of columns of the image (across all segments)
Max Rows uint16_t Total number of rows of the image (across all segments)

Table 13 - Segment Identification Header Fields

The fields of this header is pretty straight forward. It indicates how the final image should be assembled using the segments. By running Open Satellite Project for a long time I found that all images come segmented by horizontal segments meaning that all Start Column should be same across the same image segments. For identifying the Image one should use Image ID field, that is the same across all segments of same image. The fields Max Columns and Max Rows should be used for pre-allocating the buffer (if needed) for assembling the final image.